Indian Orhcards Pick your own raspberriesIndian Orchards is a small family-run orchard (both pick your own fruit and a farm stand) located just 30 minutes west of Philadelphia, and 5 minutes from downtown Media.  We grow a wide variety of hand-tended fruits, including local heritage apples picked from 100-year-old trees, peaches and plums famous for their rich flavor and juiciness, and lush fields of blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry bushes grown without any sprays. Surrounding the orchard is verdant, old forest with patches of paw paws and persimmons growing amidst the beeches and tulip poplars, and figs and Asian pears now complement our older fruit trees. We also sell the finest quality local produce – including vegetables, jams & jellies, maple syrup, local raw honey, eggs, Jersey tomatoes, pickles & relishes, and more…Indian Orchards Apples Media PA

Since 1913, Indian Orchards has served our neighbors and friends in Delaware County and the greater Philadelphia area with the highest quality home-grown fruits and vegetables.  Now five generations in, our family lovingly tends every tree, bush, and fruit by hand, using organic methods and an eye toward the best tasting varieties of each fruit. Families come to pick the freshest, cleanest, most richly flavored fruit here every day from June through November.

Indian Orchards Barn in the Old Days

Indian Orchards Barn in the Old Days

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