Barn Raising

Indian Orchards Barn in the Old DaysOur family-owned 100 year old barn is at the core of the Indian Orchard’s business. It houses the fruit after we pick; it is where we sort what goes for fruit shares and what goes to the farm stand. It houses our farm equipment that enables us to harvest our organically grown fruits and veggies. It’s where we make our apple sauce and our apple cider as well as where we process the honey from our orchard hives. I also holds years of memories from our family, friends and customers. It needs some help from the community. Many of you tell us that you came here as children with your parents. Help us preserve that for the next generations.

We are asking for donations to help us continue to refurbish the barn. We need help from our local Apple cider at Indian Orchardscommunity to continue the work we have already started. We have already repaired and strengthened two of the side wall, but there is more to be done. We’d love to see this structure come alive again and in addition to housing the work space for the orchard, but also be a rental space, along with the 1790 house and the pond, where the next generation of community members can hold birthday parties, weddings and anniversaries for years to come.

Please use the donation button below to contribute to our “Raising the Barn” fund – to help us build a stronger foundation & walls for both this building and to help this over 100 Indian Orchards Farm pick your own Blueberriesyear old family business stay strong into the future.



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