Indian Orchards Farmstand is open 10-5 pm*, grab some of our own homemade honey and selected fruit and veggies. (*winter hours)

Pick your own apples season is mainly over, but we have apples and goodies (our own honey makes a great local Christmas gift) and more in the on-site Farm Stand.

10 am to 5 pm daily*

Our PYO 2021 season is in mostly over! Pick Your Own Fruits and Veggies are always shifting as Mother Nature is now purring the plants to bed wakes more of seasonal produce up. See our Pick your Own Fruit page for details. And our Facebook page for updates on what is available as the season moves along. OR stop by our on-site Farmstand to buy fruits and veggies we’ve picked for you!

Please abide by Social Distancing Rules; Mask are currently optional, but please abide by state/federal guidelines as they change.

Firewood for Sale!

We also have sustainably harvested cut Firewood for sale. Thank you for supporting sustainable agriculture! Pease fill out our form: See our Firewood page here.

Get Your Indian Orchards CSA / Farm / Fruit Shares in Media, PA for 2022 Before they Sell Out, Supporting our 100 plus year old farm AND picking up bags of fresh produce weekly June through October next year Makes a great holiday gift!

CSA/Farm shares pick up begins in late spring/early-summer when the fruits and veggies begin to wake up.

Thanks to those who helped support the early season at the farm with this purchase! Spring is the time to support the farm and get your full or half CSA Farm Share. Community Supported Agriculture – We are all in this together! Runs – June through October and is pro-rated if you join mid-season (depending on when the bushes actually WAKE UP, blueberries are first, THEN  WE RUN THROUGH OCTOBER/Nov. with Apples galore!) Expect to stop by weekly (or bi-weekly for half-shares) and pick up your share of fresh, sustainably-grown, pesticide-free fruits & veggies. The select number of Farm Shares we sell help give us extra “seed money” each year to get things rolling at the farm as there is a lot of hard work fixing, repairing, planting and protecting the plantings that goes on at this time of year.  Remember 1st Come = 1st Served for CSA/fruit/farm shares, slots are limited.

Click here to download and fill out our 2021 Farm Share form. 2022 form coming soon,

Then please mail it to us with your check/payment information to:  INDIAN ORCHARDS, 27 Copes Lane, Media, PA 19063

Indian Orchards one RaspberryWe are a family run Farm since 1913. Please help support us and get great tasting sustainably-grown, chemical-free fruits and veggies for your family with our limited number of Farm Shares. You will receive a bag filled with our finest offerings each week, supplemented from time to time with locally-made preserves. Full Shares are picked up weekly at our farm, Half Shares every other week, from midJune through October. Pricing: $695 for a Full Share, or $425 for a Half Share.

While nature prevents us from being able to guarantee the availability of certain items every season, you can generally expect to find the following fruits in your share once their season starts:

Blueberries – Raspberries – Blackberries – Peaches – Plums

                                 Nectarines – Pears – Apples – Grapes – Apricots

                            Persimmons – Jams – Jellies – Preserves – Fresh Veggies 

                                  Fresh Apple Cider – Pumpkins and selected Cut your own Christmas trees

Questions? Please call  610-888-6969 – indian.orchards.farm@gmail.com

Indian Orchards media Pa

PYO – Pick Your Own season for 2021 is in prety much done, but apples are in teh farmstand on-site, plus our honey makes a great gift. We have otehr goodies and Firewood for sale too.

Late Spring/Early Summer Season: Sustainably-grown and pesticide-free berries and fruit, plus Asparagus, Spinach, Swiss Chard WILL come first. We always have our home-grown honeyIndian orchards Pumpkins Media PA from our farm.  Check out our newly-renovated & insulated Farmstand (with new ice cream freezer). Ice cream freezer donated by & Farmstand shelves built by Albert Marrinelli Sr.

Thanks for support our 108 year-old family-run farm! 

Farm Phone:  610- 564-0794 or 610-888-6969* indian.orchards.farm@gmail.com

Location – click below for map

 29 Copes Lane, Media PA 19063

Questions call: Phone: 610 564-0794

Locally Grown Fruit and Vegetables Farmstand and Pick Your Own

Sustainably-grown, Non-GMO & Pesticide-free

Help support sustainable agriculture!

Farmstand is open and the 2021 Pick your own Fruit and Veggies season pretty much over. Thanks to those who supported us this year!. Sustainably harvested Firewood is available, plus our own local honey too. We are working hard and caring for the orchard. Hours: Daily – 10 AM TO 5 PM – INCLUDING WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS* Get your 2022 Farmshare/CSA now!


Are you tired of being cooped up inside – come spend some quality time socially distancing outside and help our Family-run 108 plus-year-old farm and help us prepare for next year or help with netting for our blueberry patch and more! we appreciate any pair of hands and time you can spare on our lovely orchard grounds – call Gaile – 610-888-6969 

For your GPS (click or tap to see a google map & directions): 29 Copes Lane, Media PA 19063

Call us if you need any special arrangements especially if at end-of-day as we live on-site and we are happy to assist when we can!


*Events 610-888-6969 – Birthdays, Weddings and more click here 

Connect with us: Click to Like us on Facebook to see what’s fresh and in season! or click here to find us on Instagram.

$3.50 Per-Person Admission Fee* during Pick Your Own Season May- Oct.):

 *$3.50/per person admission charge (in cash) for pick your own fruit and veg this summer. This helps to support our work to bring sustainably-grown, pesticide-free fruits & vegetables to your table and keep the 105 plus-year-old historic farm going. For farmstand and PYO payments we accept major credit cards or Venmo, but no Amex/Discover, due to high fees.

*We have a PAY FOR WHAT YOU PICK POLICY (per lb/pint) – Please be careful – weight can be deceiving. Also, we can’t put the fruit back on trees or bushes!

Stop by our on-site farm stand and select from what we have already picked for you – or sign up for a weekly farm share (see info above).

Fruits and Vegetables Grown Using Sustainably-grown and Pesticide-free techniques

Indian Orhcards Pick your own raspberries

Our Fruits and vegetables are grown using natural, sustainable, pesticide-free techniques; we also use IPM or Integrated Pest Management as well.

How do I pick My Own Fruits and Veggies? (2021 PYO Season is now over – featuring APPLES) – click here for more info  There is a $3.50 Per Person Picking fee to pick your own fruit to help sustain and support our over 100-year-old orchards (fee may be waived before June and late fall days when the Veggieland pickings are slim.) PYO Apples and Apples at farmstand starts in the fall.

Stop by the farm stand to register and get baskets to hold your haul. We’ll also let you know what’s in season that day and where to go, especially if you are looking for a specific variety of fruit – like apples – we have Many different varieties that ripen at different times of the season!

Our Farmstand (click for more info):

If you don’t want to/have time to pick your own fruits and vegetables – we pick what’s ripe and in season so you can just grab and go. We also carry a great variety of locally-sourced goodies – including our OWN raw local honey, heirloom veggies including tomatoes, apple and pumpkin butters, locally-made jams and jellies, Pennsylvania maple syrup, and in the fall our own Apple Cider and Pumpkins. Our products complement the fruit we grow, and change throughout the year according to what’s in season. Indian Orchards media Pa

Looking for a place to Pick Your Own Apples and other Fruit in PA? (2022 Pick your own Season starts Mid-Late June). (2021 PYO Apple season is pretty much over) Located 5 minutes from Media, PA and less than 30 minutes from Philadelphia, this 100 plus year-old location is tucked away off of Rt 352 in Delaware County. We just do fruit and veggies (and in fall we cut your own Christmas trees and Picked-for-you Pumpkins, & firewood in winter/spring) – so avoid the crowds and head over to our quiet farm… 29 Copes Lane, Media, PA 19063. If you’re tired of the lines elsewhere just to get your fruits and veggies – come on down.

What Fruit is Available When?

Fruit ripens in its own good time with help from pollinators and the weather, but listed below is the general months/seasons when our fruits and veggies are available (they often overlap). Local Honey is available year-round, along with sustainably harvested firewood & our own fresh-pressed cider too!:

Indian Orchards Farm pick your own BlueberriesJune: Blueberries and Raspberries (when Mother Nature decides it’s time – usually the 2nd-3rd weekIndian Orhcards Pick your own raspberries in June); New this year Strawberries! Some early summer veggies too.

July: blueberries, raspberries, peaches, blackberries, vegetables (including bell peppers, cucumbers, and hot peppers – tomatoes show up sometime in July)

August: blackberries, plums, nectarines, peaches, pears, apples, vegetables (tomatoes have definitely joined the veggie crowd by August)

September: raspberries, blackberries, peaches, plums, nectarines, pears, APPLES (Both Pick Your Own and at our on-site Farmstand), pawpaws (squirrels sometimes beat us to them) & vegetables

Indian Orchards Pick your own ApplesOctober: PUMPKINS, apples*, Cider (our own fresh pressed), raspberries, some figs. Call to see if we have Hayrides.

November: Apples* and cider*, pumpkins* (*later in the season, Pick Your Own may be over & apples may only be at the farmstand), some figs & persimmons. Call to see if we have Hayrides.Indian orchards Pumpkins Media PA

December: Christmas trees & holly (we cut Christmas trees in advance, or you can select your own and have us cut it for you)/ We also have firewood for sale Dec-March.

If you’d rather have us pick what’s ripe for you, you can also grab what we have at our farm stand. *Sometimes, due to the weather, a particular fruit, such as apples, may only be available at the farmstand (where we have picked it from out orchards for you), rather than pick-your-own, as there are not enough of the fruit for folks to find/pick themselves. This often happens later on in a fruit’s season – late Oct/Nov.

Indian Orchards Farms Christmas trees and Pumpkins

Come explore the variety of Sustainably-grown and Pesticide-free fruits and vegetables on our 108 plus year-old orchard.


What else is there at Indian Orchards?

–Birthday Parties, Hayrides (socially-distanced), Tours of the Historic Orchard, Weddings, Corporate Events and More!

Click for more info on Birthday Parties, School Group Tours and more

Click here for our Events Venue: Weddings, Anniversary Parties, School and Family Reunions and more, and our separate AirBNB rental of the Inn and Indian Orchards.

For info on hosting an event or wedding at historic Indian Orchards event venue, see out save the date form at the link above and call Gaile at 610-888-6969

Donations accepted at the Farmstand for the restoration of our 200-year-old barn – Click here to see our about page for more of our history.