Indian Orchards Memorial Garden

Since 1913, Indian Orchards has served our neighbors and friends in Delaware County and the greater Philadelphia area with the highest quality home-grown fruits and vegetables. Now five generations in, our family lovingly tends every tree, bush, and fruit by hand. Our small family-run orchard is surrounded a verdant old forest amidst the beeches and tulip poplars.

To honor family members who have passed over the years, we are creating a memorial garden of trees, shrubs, and perennials. In lieu of flowers, you can donate toward the purchase of trees, shrubs and perennial flowers for this loving memorial to family and special friends of Indian Orchards.

Please click our Ko-FI page to donate using VENMO to help us purchase trees, shrubs and Perennials for the Memorial Garden – thank you!

PLEASE PURCAHSE WITH VENMO to save us from paying extra fees, IF you pay with PAYPAL we lose 3% to fees, Thank you!

Indian Orchards Barn in the Old Days
Indian Orchards Barn in the Old Days

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