CSA Farm & Fruit Shares, Media PA

Grab Your CSA* – Farm – Fruit Shares in Media, PA – Slots are Still Available this Year

*Community Supported Agriculture – We Are All In This Together!

Spring is the time to support the farm and get your full or half CSA / Farm Share. Runs – June through October and is pro-rated if you join mid-season (depending on when the bushes actually WAKE UP, blueberries are first, THEN  WE RUN THROUGH OCTOBER). Expect to stop by weekly (or bi-weekly for half-shares) and pick up your share of fresh sustainably-grown and pesticide-free fruit and vegetables. The select number of Farm Shares we sell help give us extra “seed money” each year to get things rolling at the farm as there is a lot of hard work fixing, repairing, planting and protecting the plantings that goes on at this time of year. See our form for the details. Farm Shares Must be picked up on your designated Day Friday 10 AM – 5 PM or Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM. Full Shares get picked up weekly, half shares every 2 weeks. Remember 1st Come = 1st Served for CSA/fruit/farm shares, slots are limited.

Click here to download and fill out our Farm Share form.

Then please mail it to us with your check/payment information to:  INDIAN ORCHARDS, 27 Copes Lane, Media, PA 19063

Indian Orchards one RaspberryWe are a family run Farm since 1913. Please help support us and get great tasting sustainably-grown and pesticide-free fruit and vegetables for your family with our limited number of Farm Shares. You will receive a bag filled with our finest offerings each week, supplemented from time to time with locally made preserves. Full Shares are picked up weekly at our farm, Half Shares every other week, from midJune through October. Pricing: $695 for a Full Share, or $425 for a Half Share.

While nature prevents us from being able to guarantee the availability of certain items every season, you can generally expect to find the following fruits in your share once their season starts:

Blueberries – Raspberries – Blackberries – Peaches – Plums

                                 Figs – Pears – Apples – Grapes – Apricots

                            Persimmons – Jams – Jellies – Preserves – Fresh Veggies 

                                  our own Honey & our own Fresh Apple Cider 

(Pumpkins, Firewood and selected Cut your own Christmas trees are available in late fall and through winter, but are not included in Farm shares)

Questions? Please call  610-888-6969 – indian.orchards.farm@gmail.com