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Weddings in Media PA

Group activity form below must be filled out to start the process. Weddings are charged price-per-head. Indian Orchards is now taking reservations for Indian Orchards Weddings Media PAweddings for the 2021- 2022 seasons. Situated on 40 pristine, wooded acres, Indian Orchards is a rare wedding venue in this location – within 25 minutes of Philadelphia. 

Events are charged separately from the rental of the Inn and Indian Orchards (click here to see our AirB&B page). Rental of the AirB&B/Inn does not include events. Rental form below must be filled out to set up a walk though.  

Events can be held on the large, stone terrace, with open, beautiful stairs leading to a flowing fountain with a picturesque meadow and pond beyond. Then a small wooden bridge leads across a stream to a secluded wooden glen.

Bridal parties can also stay in the historic 1794 guesthouse, (which must be separately booked/paid for via Arib&B, see link above) with a fully equipped kitchen for catering. As we have plenty of possibilities, including a restored 200-year-old barn, and over forty acres of 108 year-old orchards including apples, peaches, and blueberries we can easily work with whatever amazing ideas you have for your wedding.

Please contact owner Gaile Bernhardt to inquire about open dates, pricing, final rental contracts and a walkthrough: 610-888-6969. Please email us for our Group Activities Form:, or download it below, print it out and call us with any questions! We look forward to seeing you.

To book a walk-through, please fill out the group rental form below. Weddings and major events (over a certain number) need an insurance certificate/policy (Consider contacting Traveler’s. They currently have a wedding insurance policy for $120. Or explore adding an inexpensive rider to your an exiting home-owners insurance policy). For events, including weddings, over 100 people there is a more detailed rental contract form to be signed. We will be walk through it with you so that you get the event of your dreams.

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Check out some of our photos below:

Enchanted Weddings Media PA Indian Orchards


The Inn at Indian Orchards Wedding Venue - Media PA

Enchanting Indian Orchards Farm wedding venue - Media PA