Pick your Own Fruit

Indian Orchards (near Media, PA)

11/29-Dec 3 is 2023’s Last Pick Your Own APPLES Weekend* 

PYO fee waived/free admission (you still have to buy the apples 🙂

for those who want to bundle up and pick, Before the orchard goes to sleep for winter. 

Lots of year-end specials! (visiting our on-site farm stand is always free)

Open 10 am-6 pm daily – stop by the farm stand get a oriented to what is where

Bring your Farm Checks to Indian Orchards for sustainably-grown and pesticide-free apples (no pesticides, waxes, or gas) and our other fruits and vegetables; plus cider, our own honey, and other goodies at our on-site Farm Stand (no fee ever to visit the stand) while they last… (great Christmas presents) too!

We also have apples available in bulk, nd will have crates of apples soon, if you bake holiday pies or are a chef – call ahead to arrange order call Gaile at 610-888-6969

*Stop by the Farm Stand to get your baskets and learn where the apple varieties are for picking.

Weekday* PYO Admission Fee $3.50 Per-Person fee WAIVED this weekend 11/29-Dec3

No fee charged ever to shop at our on-site farm stand!

*We have a PAY FOR WHAT YOU PICK POLICY (per lb/pint) – Please be careful – weight can be deceiving. Also, we can’t put the fruit back on trees or bushes!

PICK YOUR OWN APPLEAS NEAR MEDIA PALast Weekend of Pick Your Own* APPLES is Nov 29-Dec 3, 2023 – We  Still have many apple varieties at our on-site farm stand and produce and goodies! 

  • Pick your own*: Apples a few varieties still on the trees for picking

  • Grab half gallons of our own Cider!

  • NEW our own Fresh-baked Apple, Pumpkin and Pecan PIES – first come, first get daily!

  • PYO PRODUCE is over, but we have some vegetables available in the farmstand.

*Pick Your Own pesticide-free fruit/vegetables per person admission fee (waived this weekend Nov 29-Dec 3). Please be careful – weight can be deceiving. We can’t put the fruit back on trees or bushes! See our PYO fruits and produce page for more.

For farm stand & PYO we accept major credit cards or Venmo.

ALSO – NEW our own Fresh-baked Apple, Pumpkin and Pecan PIES – first come, first get daily!

Cookies, Cider donuts, and our own Cider!


Pick Your Own* APPLES Last Weekend of 2023 11/29-Dec3. 

(Items/specials** available may change during a week according to mother-nature’s whims and how many people come to pick/buy) Many Pick your own fruit and produce items are also available at the farm stand:

    • SOME of our 37 varieties of APPLES ARE AVAILABLE AT THE FARM STAND 

    • Grab half gallons of our own Cider, while they last!

    • NEW our own Fresh-baked Apple, Pumpkin and Pecan PIES – first come, first get daily!

    • PYO PRODUCE is over, but some  still be available in the farm stand.

Pick Your Own* sustainably-grown and pesticide-free fruits  OR  Stop by our farm stand for the fruit & produce we’ve picked for you (farms stand access is always free)

During PYO season (Mid-June, when the blueberries wake up – through Mid Nov when the apples are usually done)…your first step, is to Stop by our farm stand and Register and pay your PYO admission fee,* and get your wristband and baskets to hold your pickings. We’ll orient you to what PYO fruits and vegetables are in which section of the farm and what’s ripe that day :).   

**During pick your own season June through mid-November: Pick Your Own fruits and vegetables includes a daily $3.50, per-person admission fee to help support the farm (Sept/Oct weekends/holidays fee is $11/person & includes a hayride) . Get admission wristband at our farm stand, and you pick your own baskets. We accept Cash, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, and Credit Cards. Sorry we don’t accept Discover or Am Ex. PYO fee may be waved early and late in the season.

We have a pay for what you pick policy (per lb/pint) – Please be careful – weight can be deceiving…. We can’t put the fruit back on trees or bushes! 

[**Weekends, only during Sept/Oct Apple Season, Groups of 15 or more we are asking  you to call or text in advance to make a reservation / appointment to be sure we can accommodate you during our busiest times. Please Text Gaile, 610-888-6969, in advance with your group name & number of people (and receive a response) BEFORE you arrive – to work out a time that works for you and the farm.]

Please follow social distancing suggestions and current CDC guidelines when Covid rates are high.

Pick Your Own Produce: a variety of fruit (and in fall our specialty: apples many different varieties from Honey crisp to heirloom varieties from 100-plus year old trees) and vegetables/produce is a great family outing, and with 35 acres there is plenty of room. Indian Orchards in Media, PA is a great place to teach kids where their produce comes from.  

Mid-Summer Brings pesticide-free fruits and produce: Pick your Own Raspberries, Blackberries, Peaches, and more, as mother nature wakes each up. Plus mid-summer vegetables. 

Late-Summer Brings: Pick your Own Late-season Peaches and early Apples and more – but what is fruiting when shifts with mother nature. Pick your own vegetables including a selection of over 30 heirloom tomatoes too!

Late Summer/Early Fall will bring Picky Your Own Apples galore (not ripe yet – so no picking )- we have many unique apple varieties on our over 100-year-old orchard, plus PYO figs too!

At our Farm stand we also have produce that we have picked for you (admission is always fee to stop by out farm stand and shop). Along with other goodies like our own honey and products that compliment our sustainably-grown and pesticide-free fruits and veggies. We are a small-staffed, family-run farm – please bear with us as we work with Mother Nature to get the first of the Summer crops for you at our farm stand.

In Fall: Pumpkins, Apples, Cider, Raspberries, some figs – Cider often sells out, but if you’re lucky – you can see us make up the next batch….

Fruits and Vegetables Grown Using Sustainable and Pesticide-free Techniques

Our Fruits and vegetables are grown using Pesticide-free techniques, natural & sustainable; we also use IPM or integrated pest management.

Pick Your Own Fruit – What to do first?

Stop by the farm stand to register and get baskets to hold your haul, pay the $3.50 per person picking/admission fee to help sustain and support our over 100-year old orchard and the labor-intensive, pesticide-free techniques we use. We’ll also let you know what’s in season that day and where to go on the farm. Let us know if you are looking for a specific variety of fruit – especially apples – we have many different varieties. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen! If you decide not to pick your own fruit – you can buy what we have already picked for you at our on-site farm stand.

What Fruit is Available When?

Fruit ripens in its own good time with help from pollinators and the weather, but listed below is the general months/seasons when our fruits and veggies are available (they often overlap):

June: Blueberries (these wake up/ripen first); then Raspberries and and Strawberries TOO, plus some early vegetables

July: blueberries, raspberries, peaches, blackberries, vegetables (including bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, and hot peppers – early tomatoes show up sometime in July)Indian Orhcards Pick your own raspberries

August: blackberries, raspberries, plums, nectarines, peaches, pears, a few early apple varieties (but no pick your own yet), vegetables (tomatoes – over 20 heirloom varieties – have definitely joined the produce crowd)

September: raspberries, blackberries(done for the season), peaches, plums, nectarines, figsm, pears, early Pick Your Own Apples (selected varieties avaailble), pawpaws, vegetables

October: Some Peaches and figs, our own Cider, Lots of Apples*, Pumpkins & Mums at the farm stand. Late-season raspberries, pears, persimmons. (*In very late October & November – sometimes pick your own apples may be done, but we usually still have apples and cider at our farm stand.)

November: Apples* and cider, pumpkins. We have firewood available year round. *(In November – sometimes, pick your own apples may be done, but we usually still have some apples and our own cider, plus our own honey, at our farm stand.) 

December: We have sustainable firewood for sale – call and ask for details or click to see our firewood for sale page.

If you’d rather have us pick what’s ripe for you, you can also grab what we have at our farm stand.

Come explore the variety of fruits and vegetables on our 100-plus-year-old orchard.


Indian Orchards Peaches Pick your own fruit Plums and Apple trees